3 Cardboard Shredder Benefits – Why You Should Consider a Cardboard Shredder For Your Business | Livestock

A cardboard shredder is a powerful machine for shredding thin card, thick cardboard and even corrugated cardboard. They are much the same as paper shredders but have heavier duty cutters and motors to deal with the rigours of cardboard shredding.From a business perspective, there are three good reason for investing in a cardboard shredder:Savings: A cardboard shredder enables you to reuse incoming cardboard products from your suppliers as packaging materials for your outgoing orders. Simply shred the cardboard boxes your bulk orders arrive in and use the shredded card to package your outgoing orders. You save money on your packaging materials which you can either keep as profits or pass on to your customers.

Environment: These days, any company trading with the public needs to demonstrate it has environmental integrity and responsibility. A cardboard shredder is a much better way of utilising waste card than sending it to landfill where it degrades to both CO2 and methane.Revenues: If you are generating more cardboard waste than you can utilise yourself in outgoing packaging filler, why not consider a second income stream by selling your shredded card for animal bedding. Equestrian centres and specialist livestock breeders are good places to sell the shredded material as it is hypo-allergenic and fantastic for absorbing moisture. If you have staff downtime, using that time that you are already paying for means you can make massive cash positive changes to your business.

When you consider these three opportunities to reduce costs, generate revenues and demonstrate environmental awareness, you are onto a sure-fire winner.